May 19, 2020

Kroger to launch apparel line in the fall of 2018

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Pouyan Broukhim
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Kroger to launch apparel line in the fall of 2018

US food retailer Kroger has announced that it will be launching its own apparel label in the fall of next year, with the firm having to diversify its operations in order to keep pace in a competitive retail environment.

“This new brand gives Kroger a chance to inspire and connect with our customers, offering effortless style every day – from elevated basics to fashionable highlights,” said Robert Clark, Kroger's Senior Vice President of Merchandising. “This new offering is on-trend, convenient, and right in line with our customers' needs.”

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The supermarket chain has struggled of late after Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods sent shockwaves through the industry, with Kroger’s shares having dipped 8.1% following the announcement.

Other competitors such as Wal-Mart have coped better in the wake of this, diversifying and streamlining their operations in order to both evolve into ecommerce and prevent against continual decline in the wake of Amazon’s market dominance.

As a result of its poor performance in recent times, it seems that Kroger is following in these footsteps with the announcement of its upcoming apparel brand.

"This launch of Our Brands fashion will re-invigorate Kroger's apparel line. We will be able to serve our customers across the country the inspiration they are looking for, which translates into an immense opportunity for growth in sales, share, and loyalty,” Clark added.

Kroger’s shares jumped 2% off the back of the announcement, having also climbed 5.6% last month with the retailer having revealed that it would be exploring the sale of its convenience store business.

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