Snapchat becomes increasingly popular marketing strategy

By Eric Harding

The days of Facebook and Twitter dominating social-media marketing are long gone. Now, Snapchat is rising to the top.

Companies across the globe looking to boost its digital coverage have joined the social-media platform in recent years. It’s a similar strategy to the NBA, which posts 40-60 second snaps of pregame warm-ups and sideline interactions in addition to score updates at halftime and at the end of games.

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Our sister site Business Review Australia reported Cricket Australia began incorporating the marketing strategy to help build its fanbase and engage with a broader range of followers.

Over 20 million snaps are shared daily across the world, and businesses are now taking advantage of it to promote themselves through this short-term visual messaging app. Business Review Australia previously reported KFC’s strategy to promote its new tacos via Snapchat.

With Snapchat’s growing popularity, especially among teenagers, large businesses are looking to find different ways to engage with the younger demographic at all times of the day.

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Other giant companies such as Audi, Heineken and McDonald’s have begun incorporating Snapchat into its marketing plan as well.

In addition, New York based yogurt shop 16 Handles was among the first companies to use Snapchat for its marketing campaign. The company shared coupons through three steps: First, send a snap of yourself tasting the yogurt at the store to the company’s account, then 16 Handles automatically sends a snap of the coupon back to you. And last, you wait to open the snap of the coupon that takes anywhere from 16 to 100 percent off your purchase once you’re ready to use it.

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Snapchat continues to innovate itself, now making news content even harder to ignore. In a recent update to the app on iOS called the Discovery feature, the platform redesigned its stories section to promote content from its media partners such as CNN and ESPN.

The section, which just began in January, features a regularly-updated stream of videos, photos and articles from the media outlets. Reported valued at approximately $16 billion, Snapchat has been searching for new ways to increase profit without pushing away its core fan base.

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These company promotions using the power of social media are both cost-efficient and bring its message to a new audience. As we all know, maintaining a consistent and engaging presence on social media is extremely important in today’s multimedia society.

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