May 19, 2020

Verizon purchases #CyberMonday to promote daily deals

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Verizon purchases #CyberMonday to promote daily deals

If you just spent a mere moment on Twitter yesterday, you probably saw and/or clicked on the Promoted Trend #CyberMonday to check out what your peers were saying about the deals they found or were looking for. Verizon Wireless purchased the Twitter hashtag #CyberMonday to promote a 24-day series of daily deals, every 24 hours, on their phones and accessories. Verizon is using a tweet-to-win sort of campaign where each deal can be “unwrapped” by tweeting or posting a Facebook message via Verizon.

Monday’s deal was an additional 15 percent off the regular price of BlackBerry phones and devices. But, Verizon’s actual Cyber Monday promotion was on the Samsung Intensity II, which is free with a two-year contract, and on the LG Ally, which was $30 with a two-year contract. Tuesday’s deal is $30 off a Droid X Bundle, which includes the Droid X phone and Jawbone Icon Thinker Bluetooth handset.

An article on Mashable says: “On Black Friday, web retailers saw a notable 15.9% increase in sales compared to last year, and Cyber Monday 2009 produced a 43% traffic spike from 2008’s numbers.”

This is definitely the promotion that keeps on giving…and for 24 straight days. While Verizon customers and beyond tweet and Facebook update, they’re not only getting a great deal on phones and bundles, but Verizon is also benefitting by increasing their web visibility on social media platforms.

To see the deal offerings on Verizon on twitter, click here and to learn more about the 24-days of savings, click here.



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