May 19, 2020

Tim Hortons considers opening stores in Dhaka

Tim Hortons
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Tim Hortons considers opening stores in Dhaka

The Canada-based fast food restaurant, Tim Hortons, is considering opening outlets in Bangladesh capital, Dhaka, the Daily Star reports.

In a move that the restaurant giant sees as an opportunity to expand its business abroad, Tim Hortons remain interested in increasing its 5,000 worldwide stores.

Iqbal Roshd, a Bangladesh-born Canadian entrepreneur who now runs 12 Tim Hortons outlets in Toronto, said: “Running at least 40 outlets is possible in Dhaka and other parts of Bangladesh.”

“A certain group of people have the ability to enjoy the products of Tim Hortons as their income has grown over the years.”

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It has been confirmed that Mr Roshd met officials of the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority in Dhaka in order to establish a plan to create outlets in Banani and Gulshan.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Mr Roshd added: “I have spoken with Tim Hortons' Director of Operations Qasim Islam about the possibilities of bringing the restaurant chain to Bangladesh.”

“If the market is big enough and all the logistics challenges are met, it will be great to have our world-class, legendary coffee and fantastic baked goods in Bangladesh. Hope that someday would be soon.”

It is anticipated that Tim Hortons earns $25mn every year and serves over 7mn customers annually.

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