May 19, 2020

Google Map Maker Makes Its Way to Canada

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Google Map Maker Makes Its Way to Canada


Google’s new map tool, Google Map Maker, has become available today to Canadians. Offering an editable map so that users can share their favourite local spot, Google map Maker provides a sharing experience that the map industry has never utilized.

We all know that maps are never completely up to date. Construction happens, businesses change locations and a new bar or restaurant in town may become the newest popular spot. Google has recognized this issue and is providing Canadians a solution.

“Google Map Maker lets you add to and update the map, for millions of people to see in Google Maps and Google Earth. You can add your local knowledge for over 180 countries and regions. Get started by mapping the places you know,” says the official Google Map Maker website.



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The Google Map maker lets users be a part of the Google Maps process and provide the Internet audience with up-to-date knowledge. Google recognizes its audience is the most knowledgeable when it comes to relevant local information and knows that it would incapable of mapping the world on its own. Therefore, Google is turning to its community for help.

“Google’s objective here is to create an accurate atlas of the world and the reality is that Google’s not big enough to do this (alone),” said Google Canada spokesman Aaron Brindle to the Canadian Press

So are you going to share with the world your favourite hiking trail or update the community on where that local music shop’s new location is? Get started here and see what has or has not been added to your town or city.

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