May 19, 2020

IBM acquires Resilient Systems to enhance defense against cyber attacks

Resilient Systems
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IBM acquires Resilient Systems to enhance defense against cyber attacks

Protection against cyber attacks and security breaches should be an important priority for every CTO and IT team. But even the best-laid plans can go awry—it is just as crucial to have a strategy for the event that a security breach occurs. In a bid to increase its cyber security solutions for clients, today at the RSA Security Conference IBM announced plans to acquire Resilient Systems and launch an all-new security services division.

Massachusetts-based Resilient Systems specializes in post-attack solutions with its Incident Response Platform. This acquisition will enhance IBM’s ability to help clients minimize risks after incidents ranging from hacks to lost devices.

“By adding Resilient Systems’ technology and expertise, IBM will have an industry-leading range of capabilities to help clients respond to cyber breaches, across consulting, services, and products,” said Marc van Zadelhoff, General Manager of IBM Security, in a statement from the company.

This acquisition coincides with the launch of X-Force Incident Response Services, IBM’s new security consulting and management system. The system will combine the strengths of IBM and Resilient Systems to help clients defend against cyber threats and manage any that happen.

“IBM is the world's fastest-growing enterprise security company, and we lead the industry in the detection and prevention of cyber attacks,” Zadelhoff added. “With our intent to acquire Resilient Systems, and our other announcements today, we are doubling down on the incident response market.  Cybersecurity needs to function like an immune system, both in preventing breaches, but also in quickly eradicating those that do occur.”


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