Kaazing Announces Platform to Improve iPhone Battery Life

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Kazzing, a leading technology company, announced today its newest Kaazing WebSocket Gateway the JMS Edition 3.5 platform. Utilizing an HTML 5 WEbSocket architecture, the new platform can be incredibly useful to iPhone users and developers through its improvement of iPhone battery life, app performance, data usage and offline participation. This allows apps to push information to its users more effectively, even if the app isn’t turned “on.” Kaazing’s software is expected to save app developer an estimated 30 to 40 percent cost savings due to the Kaazing’s unified architecture.

“With the arrival of the iPhone 5 we wanted to make sure developers could make the user experience all it could be,” said Jonas Jacobi Kaazing’s CEO and Co-Founder.  “Right now most iPhone apps rely on using the earliest architecture of the Internet – HTTP, which wasn’t designed for the real-time responsiveness you need for apps dealing with air travel, finances, gaming, transportation or online collaboration.  By providing an HTML 5 WebSocket platform, we enable the fastest, most reliable, mobile Living Web experience possible.  Building a live, interactive, and real-time  application using Kaazing’s HTML5 WebSocket technology requires less power and less data, meaning longer battery life in mobile devices, more responsive applications, and less impact on end users' data plans.”



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Kaazing explains that applications that have used Kaazing Gateway have seen successful results of working at least 50 percent more efficiently in comparison to using traditional web communications such as HTTP in mobile app performance.

Kaazing Gateway also reduces latency. This paired with reduction in bandwidth is how Kaazing’s platform can dramatically extend battery life.

Key Features of the new Kaazing WebSocket Gateway - JMS Edition 3.5 Platform include:

  • iOS Client Library for writing native iPhone Applications
  • Kaazing Certification for Cordova to write mobile hybrid applications
  • APNS Integration to reach an audience even when they are not logged into a native application
  • Guaranteed message delivery to ensure end users receive all messages intended for them
  • Client-managed message flow control to ensure continued service through poor coverage areas
  • Bandwidth capping to offer volume-tiered data delivery services
  • Lower latency to provide better response time for end users
  • Decreased bandwidth to minimize data usage

“We were looking for a technology that could support us in delivering huge amounts of monitoring data in a real-time, secure, mobile way,” said Richard Hutchings, Product Management Director at ITRS Group.  “Our challenge is to get that data in a useful form, and for that to be really effective, we want it to be available through a browser and through mobile devices.  Kaazing has the best technology—It’s right at the cutting edge of what’s available to meet our challenges.  Kaazing is driving HTML 5 standards.”


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