TeamViewer Finds Remote PC Access Important to Consumers

By Bizclik Editor


A Harris Interactive May 2011 survey of over 2,000 North Americans has reported that remote computer access is an important priority. TeamViewer, a provider of remote computer access, has learned that consumers have personal reasons when needing such access, an example includes a file forgotten behind while on a business trip.


When on-the-go and away from the office, North Americans still need to be able to access their computer. When asked what they’d do once realizing an important document was left behind, survey takers answered that they would:

  • Run to the nearest phone – 30 percent
  • Feel like they were kicked in the gut – 25 percent
  • Shouting expletives – 22 percent
  • Feel like vomiting – 12 percent

“When you forget something on a business trip, the feeling is worse than five car accidents,” said Tim DeBenedictis, the founder or Southern Stars which produces the award-winning SkySafari planetarium app.  “But TeamViewer gives you the freedom from worry.  With TeamViewer, I can retrieve files from my laptop with my iPhone three hundred miles away.  TeamViewer provides a sense of relief no aspirin can match.”

Another important computer access opportunity to keep in mind is the remote access of someone else’s computer—whether it be a family member or friend. Four out of five North Americans (79 per cent) explained that in these scenarios, remote access would be fairly important:

  • To help someone learn how to fix a problem with their computer – 66 percent
  • To show a relative how to use a complicated program – 58 percent
  • To help someone check their email – 56 percent
  • To help someone surf the Internet – 51 percent
  • To play a game with a distant friend – 41 percent
  • To help a friend update their resume – 37 percent
  • To assist a loved one with a highly contagious disease – 37 percent

“TeamViewer gives the modern family the freedom to stay connected,” said Melissa Ulrich, a busy mom and president of J&M Patent Designs, the nation’s leading patent drafting firm.  “Whether I’m helping my grandparents fix a computer problem they can’t solve or helping someone who’s just not good with software, TeamViewer makes it possible. As the weather gets worse and the winter travel season kicks off, TeamViewer will be indispensable for families wanting the freedom from hassle.”


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